Let's get that Job!

I recently graduated with a BA in Architecture, but haven't been able to find a job as an Architect, AIT (Architect In Training). Almost 4 months after my graduation date I finally found an offer I can apply. After a long and desperate waiting (3 1/2 months, might not be that long for some but for someone who is used to work 7 days a week is torture!!!), I've been notify that I have an interview next week, so I've been looking for the perfect outfit. These are my inspirations from Michael Kors 2010 Fall Collection:

Recientemente me gradué con una licenciatura en Arquitectura, pero no he podido encontrar un trabajo como Arquitecto, AIT (Arquitecto en entrenamiento). Casi 4 meses después de mi fecha de graduación Finalmente encontré una oferta que pued solicitar. Después de una larga y desesperada espera (3 1 / 2 meses, podría no ser tan largo para algunos, pero para alguien que está acostumbrado a trabajar 7 días a la semana es una tortura !!!), he sido notificada que tengo una entrevista la próxima semana, así que he estado buscando el conjunto perfecto. Estas son mis inspiraciones de la coleccion 2010 de Michael Kors:

Recently bought Michael Antonio Lexa Pump, to work believe it or not. I couldn't help myself after I saw This picture of Drew Barrymore.

Steve Madden Brigitt Wedge Pump. Want to buy for my job interview but still not sure if I should wait till I get the job, they're not that cheap, at least not for an unemployed Architect!

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